Growing your Social Media 101

Having social media audience in your social media, is the new cool thing. When you’re a guy and women checks your Instagram, when you seem to have lots of followers, it converts to them as if you were gaining attraction. As the “followers” being the attraction of the lifestyle you show to your audience.

If it’s funny pictures that can be also a thing if she can relate to it. In the scenario, where the women is the one with the followers, guys get even more into it, as they think that this women is famous and I need to know who she is and so on. It can also make a effect of making people think “way too busy, i won’t even try to contact”, but yeah there’s always many ways for it to go. This was pointed out for the personal blogs of instagram, not for the ones with objects, animals, quotes or funny pictures being the main category of the audience.


Keeping your audience attracted to your social media, is a very important thing to do in order to expand and keep your people engaged to your content! Creation of the pictures to your blog is the main thing why people get attracted and therefore, follow you. Also friends can follow you and people who know you. We’ll try to explain shortly how to keep people engaged to your content.


You need to figure out what category are you filling. You could go into 2 categories or more, but if possible keep it simple.

Thoughts of growing IG

Having a plan of some kind if you’re doing your Instagram seriously, might be on point. Write down your goals, try to first make low achievements to be hit, before putting some impossible ones there. Then think of frequency of posts. Try to do quality over quantity. If you can take quality picture every week, that’s good. Keeping it more engaged, like picture every 3-5 days is very good. Shorter frequencies are even better, but remember quality over quantity.


Then target keywords related to your categories. You can check example keywords from Webstagram and check also if the volume of the posts for the target keyword is expanding or decreasing.

Picture of webstagram:

Picture of webstagram site

Try to pick the expanding ones. Pick a few keywords from viral keywords, then pick the same kind of amount of the ones not so viral. With fever posts to keyword, you’re going to stand out 100%. With viral keywords you’re going to have lots of people browsing through the keywords. When you hit 1,000 followers, try to make your own fancy keywords about your category. If your fancy keyword gets viral, you’re going to get more followers by being the original creator. Try also different things, if some keywords are not working try other ones. Also I recommend to pick a category what you personally like, so there won’t be disinterest dismotivation of any kind.


Being motivated to the category keeps you more motivated compared to some category what you don’t personally favor. You can also find new things to like by exploring and searching through Instagram. Try to make something what somebody else is not doing, so you’ll stand out compared to others. Standing out is the easiest way for you to have the best chances to make it.

Hard work pays out.

Making it will be sweatier the more you work for it, so get working and don’t stop! Hard and smart work wins over hard disengaged work.


You might want to read book about Energy which can be bought from ebay. It’s called The Power Of Full Engagement: How To Manage Energy Not Time is the key to high performance and personal renewal. I totally mean this. This book was recommended to me by my very dear psychiatrist whose name I won’t reveal. He’s awesome, hence why recommended it to me. It can be literally put into anything. You can use the techniques provided in the book to literally anything. You can achieve a lots of things with this and make revolution, get past your old habits, which are eating your energy, hence why you can’t focus on your main goals.


Instagram blog and gaining the followers isn’t an easy thing to do, if you’ve disinterest in gaining any and lack of motivation. You need to be hungry for your goals and achieve as if you were depending your life on those.

About myself

That’s what I’m currently doing as full-time blog writer. I also study a little of HTML & Javascript so in future I might be able to provide a freelancer service of mine of some kind. This is unsure plan of mine, but I’ve the image stuck in my mind and I’m quite sure of getting degree complete. Getting viral in Instagram is also a project of mine, but that’s going to take a lot to succeed, hence why I’ve planned it to be 50% goal of mine. It’s not 100%, because of the time required to do such thing.


This might be also alternative platform for the Magazine of ours. Well, I will put my thoughts into planning and doing of my own Instagram. We’ll be posting about new posts there when I create a new account for our Magazine. Consider it done at latest at the end of the year. Having realistic goals is the most important thing.


When you’ve goals, but you’re never going to achieve what you’re planning to do, it’s nonsense and it’s like writing wishlist. You don’t want to write wishlist for the Santa Claus you want to write goal list for yourself and the sake of the trust of yours for yourself. You’re lying to yourself by making tasks which can’t be done. It’s like wishlist. Nonsense and not possible to be done always. Yes, there’s also the issue that you might have the motivation to do it for a week or a few straight and then you’ll leave it as it’s overwhelming to you.


Building new routines is hard, and for that reason it should be taken step by step without overwhelming yourself. Overwhelming yourself is most likely just a follow up for the fact that you’ll come up with unconscious excuse to stop what you’re doing and go back to old routine. Old routine is shattering in time when your deadline hits. You need to have realistic goals in order to make everything work.


Having them is the first thing done right. Having them done is another one. Having energy is also a plus one. Remember that when you read this book, it explains how a little meal can improve the performance of yours. You’ll have energy to do the additional task you added to your list by creating the goal list, realistic one. You’ll also not have lack of motivation, as when you’re engaged to the task you’re doing, you’re going to complete it in a moment or two.


Have also very realistic timelines. Deadline is better late and right than soon and wrong. When you’re overtime and your deadline already passed, your project should be done, it creates even more stress for the tasks to be done and it also makes your project in total failed. It’s not totally failed, but apart of it was failed and just for the simple reason of you putting the deadline way ahead of the actual date when you could’ve had the project done. Realism is one of the key things in this, so is energy as well as Optimism. Realistic optimism though, over unrealistic.

Unrealistic is harmful and will not help you in any kind of way. It might give you a boost as you’re sure it’s going to work, but imagine this if you were unrealistic optimism and you were running same business for 20years with loss only no profit, that wouldn’t be good for you it would be only harmful. Same goes, when you change the no profit to unrealistic planning. When you’re not planning correctly, most of your things are wrong if not everything. Keep all of this in mind and if there’s a possibility for you to cop the book, do it for the sake of yourself.


You must do something for yourself and not always for someone else. Doing things for yourself as you live in your own mind too is the good thing to do. Audience is going to come to you when you plan and get things done the right way.


Your audience is to stay if you keep them engaged. If you’re energized and engaged you’re more likely to make it compared to dismotivated and tired person. That’s just simple 101 of how to get things done. Having friends on your own social media account as your followers can help you to stay motivated. Also telling about your goals you’ve set can help you as you don’t want to be dissapointing to your friends with the project you’ve got going on. Plan do and get it done!


Have realistic timelines with your Instagram Audience or whatever project of yours, and you’ll get things done way better than before! Stay energized with the methods what we revealed shortly and if possible discover the methods by reading the book name provided to you. Followers can be gained as easily as everything else you want. As long as you want it and you’re going to want it, you just might want to go and get it without wasting any more of your own precious time.

Make goal list and hit your goals and report to our comment section. Have a very nice day or night, depends where you live! We’ll get back to you guys soon with another post.

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